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CUSTOMIZABLE: Choose your shell color, and customise your Skycamp with one of 11 accessories.

Add an awning for extra outdoor protection and the annex for an expanded camping space. Hardshell locks add extra security and the mesh tent is a cool, breathable option for summer adventures.
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The iKamper Annex adds an enclosed ground level living space to your Skycamp that’s made to withstand the elements.  Zip open the large, wide panels to for an open airy environment free of flying insects with mosquito mesh panel closures or zip closed the main covers for privacy.
The iKamper Skycamp Annex sets up quickly easily zips onto the large rainfly awning of the Skycamp.  The room area is supported with two aluminum adjustable poles. Two guy ropes are included to tension the poles and 12 ground stakes tension the walls to the ground forming a spacious Annex.
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The Skycamp Awning provides optimal sun and rain protection when you and your family are travelling. The Awning is quickly attached to the tent with the zip closure and the huge roofed-over area ensures that the sitting area and kitchen are always in the shade or dry.
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Swap out the standard Skycamp tent for this breezy mesh alternative and keep cool in the summer heat. It’s mosquito-proof and has the same rain fly as the standard tent.
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Swap out the standard Skycamp skin for this camo skin designed especially for iKamper

Please note this skin is only compatible with the Skycamp 2.0

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The storage rack clips next to your ladder and has 4 large pockets. Great for storing camping gear, cooking utensils or toiletries and can be folded up and packed away.
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There’s nothing worse than dirt and sand in your bed or maybe there is! How about wet shoe’s from the nights rain? That’s why we think the shoe rack from iKamper is a great idea and a must have to go with your Skycamp.
It keeps your shoe’s out the bed and off the floor. It has a rain flap to make sure even in the worst of storms they stay dry.
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Rain Canopy

The Rain Canopy is an extra rain fly that can be zipped under the canopy entrance for very rainy and windy days, keeping you nice and cozy inside.
The clear vinyl allows you to admire nature’s beauty from within the Skycamp, and the ropes and stakes that are included give it extra stability.
Note: The Rain Canopy, Awning, and Annex all use the same zipper to the canopy so cannot be used at the same time.
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Canopy Poles

These poles are for converting the doors of the Annex into canopies. This provides extra protection from the sun while still allowing maximum airflow.
Included in a set is 2 x Poles, Stakes and Ropes
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